Sixth Hole


Details of holes 6 and 15 - Men


Details of holes 6 and 15 - Ladies
View of the 6th fairway from the tee

The 6th is a par 4 that runs parallel to the 4th. The hole is 409m for men and 336 for the ladies.

The stream down the left of the 4th is also on the left of the 6th.

Down the right of this hole is either Out of Bounds or if in bounds but off the fairway is some of the roughest rough you will ever find. Keeping your drive straight is fairly important, a slice will almost always put you in trouble.

There is a drivable bunker on the left of the fairway. The best approach is from the right of the fairway to the tree in the front left of green out of play. (See 2nd photo)

The green has a bunker protecting it on the front left. The green slopes quite extensively from the back to the front.

6th green from partway down the fairway