Seventh Hole


Details of holes 7 and 16 - Men


Details of holes 7 and 16 - Ladies
View of the 7th fairway from the tee

Hole 7 is a short par 4 which has a sharp dog leg left at about 170m. The hole itself is 274m for the men and 237m for the ladies. The 15th tee is set back from the 7th making the second time around slightly longer than the first.

The white fence down the left of the hole donates the Out of Bounds.

Where the hole turns left towards the green there is a stream running across the fairway. This continues down the left of the fairway right to the edge of the green. (The rocks at the back left of photograph two is the stream)

The green is protected across its front by a large bunker. This green also slopes from back to front. Behind the green is thick bush into which a ball can easily disappear.

There are probably three ways to play this hole.

  1. For the brave the green is reachable. It is not visible from the tee and requires a drive across the corner of the Out of Bounds.
  2. Play a 180m shot that will clear the stream. There is something like 20m of fairway across the stream.
  3. Play up short as close to the stream as possible. This brings the green into view and allows a relatively short shot into it.