Ninth Hole


Details of holes 9 and 18 - Men


Details of holes 9 and 18 - Ladies
View of the 9th fairway from the tee

The 8th is the second par 5 holes on the course. This is 450m for the men and 394 for the ladies.

At about 200m out the hole has a sharp dog leg to the left at which point it runs along the edge of the Hartbeespoort Dam. There is a bunker on the corner to catch overhit drives.

To the inside of the dog leg is another lake which prevents the cutting of the corner for all but the big hitters.

After a straight drive you should be on the corner with a view all the way to the green between the dam and the lake. (See ball in the 2nd photograph)

Protecting the front of the green in an inlet from the dam that covers most of the green width. To the left of the green is a large bunker and to the right the dam. There is another inlet at the back of the green but this is a far distance from the green.

After a good second shot you should be left with a short pitch into the green. (See ball in 3rd photograph)

This green slopes from back to front.

Halfway down the 9th fairway on the dog leg with the lakes both left and right
The 9th Green protected by a small inlet from the lake on the right