National Rally

The Zambia National Rally was held over the Independence Weekend on or around the 24th October each year. It started in 1969 and continued for 7 years. During the first 3 years it was sponsored by Shell who also supplied the fuel for all the cars. I don't recall there being a major sponsor for the following 4 years. I think it must have been the first year when the start was outside the Lusaka Hotel, the others that started in Lusaka I think all started from outside the Intercontinental Hotel.

The photos only cover the three years 1971, 1972 and 1973. I do recall being at the start of the first National, in 1969, but don't recall having a camera with me. I do know that I have some footage of the cars taken on 8mm by my Dad. This is now on tape and will one day be transferred to DVD. After 1973 I was involved either as a contestant or service crew so did not have time for photos.

3rd National

I am not sure what happened to the photos of cars prior to number 20. Perhaps I will come across them some day.

4th National

These were all taken by my father at Church Road Service Station when the cars turned up for refuelling. It was normal that the National was started in Lusaka and the Copperbelt in alternating years so this must have been about halfway through the event.

5th National

I am not sure who pressed the button to take the photos of the 5th National, it wasn't me as I was in car number 2, the Mazda 1300 which was driven by Max Scott. We ended up 2nd or 3rd (can't quite remember). Preparing for the event we decided to obtain a few "go faster bits" that were to be shipped up from South Africa. These arrived on the Friday morning with the Rally due to start from the Intercontinental Hotel at 10am the next day. The engine was stripped and rebuilt Friday afternoon / evening and I was still doing a bit of 'running in' at 2am Saturday. Still managed to attend scrutineering at about 8am.

6th National (sorry no photos)

The following year we entered the same car but ended up retiring during the early hours of the second day having driven down from the Copperbelt and having just completed a 6 hour stop out at the Lusaka Motor Club clubhouse at the Eureka circuit.

7th National (Once again no photos)

In 1975 I ran service crew for Mick Carle and Dave Stephens.

Where possible I have named the drivers at the bottom of the photos but do not recall that many names. Please let me know if you recognise anyone and I will add their names.