Zambia 2003

This site is an account of our return, after 25 years, to where we were brought up - Zambia. Apart from a very brief return in 1998 this was the first time we had set foot on Zambian soil since we climbed aboard an aircraft at Lusaka International Airport on the 4th May 1978.

For a number of years we had been promising ourselves a return to Lusaka but somehow had never managed to make it as there always seemed to be somewhere else in the world to visit.

As a result of finding the Northern Rhodesia / Zambian website The Great North Road our interest in Zambia was boosted and then it was announced that there would be a reunion in Zambia. We decided there and then that we were going to attend.

And so it came round that on the at about midday on the 26th September 2003 we set foot on Zambian soil again.

The menu on the left plots our time in Zambia from the reunion in Livingstone through to our stay in Lusaka. The story, wherever appropriate, is supported by photographs but we have added a vast number of photos in the Photo Album.

We hope that you enjoy the experience of browsing this site as much as we enjoyed the return to the wonderful country - Zambia.

For everyone in the photos we apologise if you do not like the image or if you have been caught you in the act of doing something you didn't want photographed. If you truly object please let Hartley know and he will remove the offending item(s)