Second Hole


hole02 detail men


hole02 detail ladies

The 2nd is the 1st par 4 on the course. It is a dog leg left that is 386m for men and 371m for ladies. Second time around the 11th hole is slightly longer at 419m and 386m.

At the corner of the dogleg, bunkers on both sides of the fairway lie in wait for the slightly wayward drive. These are at about 230/240m.

After a good drive, to the corner, the green is visible at about 150m. There are bunkers on the left of the fairway about 50m out from the green. These are there to protect the green from the big hitter who attempts to cut the corner.

Off the fairway to the left is a large area of open rough that is possible to play through. The Out of Bounds fence runs straight from the left of the tee to the left of the green.

Once the dog leg is turned there is Out of Bounds all the way down the right of the hole.

Protecting the front right of the green is a bunker. Over the back of the green there is a road that is also Out of Bounds.