Fourth Hole


Details of holes 4 and 13 - Men


Details of holes 4 and 13 - Men
View from the tee of the fourth hole

The 4th is a 283 / 275m par 4 which is, more or less, straight. Second time around the 13th hole is lengthened for the men but shortened for the ladies.

Running down the left of the hole is a stream that is full of fair sized rocks and a great deal of reed. A ball that goes into this is generally lost for good. The stream runs across in front of the tee and into the lake behind the 3rd. This can be seen on the top photograph.

Once past the trees, on the right, there is Out of Bounds all the way up to the green. This is marked by the edges of the gardens of the houses up the side of the hole.

There is a bunker on the right of the fairway at about drive distance.

The green is protected by bunkers around the right hand side. Also on the right are a couple of fairly large mounds. Towards the houses behind the green is also Out of Bounds.

Looking back over the green down the fairway